Review: Invisible Zinc 4H Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF50+

Invisible Zinc is quite a popular brand brand in Australia and has popped up on the shelves in a number of different pharmacies. They have a range of physical sunscreens using zinc oxide as their main ingredient. Their claim with this sunscreen is that it is “suitable for sensitive skin, non-greasy, transparent, no parabens, no mineral oil and airless pump”.

While there has been no hard evidence saying that mineral oil and parabens are bad for your skin, some people still choose to avoid them due to sensitivities. So this may be a sunscreen to consider if you can’t use those particular ingredients.

Ranging from $18AUD-$21AUD depending on which pharmacy you buy it from

Invisible zinc

Invisible zinc

The packaging has an airless pump which is perfect for dispensing.

Invisible zinc

Invisible zinc

The sunscreen itself is very thick in texture and has a noticeable white cast to it.

Invisible zinc

It also has quite a strong sunscreen smell.

How it feels: 

It’s quite difficult to rub the product in as it’s very thick and dries very quickly. It leaves a noticeable white cast and dries matte.

Overall Impression: 

This sunscreen is more suited to a day at the beach or while playing sport rather than every day wear. For every day wear it may be a little heavy and noticeable, but it’s great for the Australian summer. It is high protection so used in combination with a hat and sun protective clothing it would be great for a summer day at the beach. I would say that it would work for a range of skin types, particularly oily to slightly dry. Perhaps it may be a little drying to those with very dry skin as it started to flake and pill a little on mine. Even though it says 4 hour water resistant, I would still be applying every 2 hours if you are swimming. One benefit to this sunscreen is that is has added Aloe Vera which can be quite moisturising.


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