Review: Mentholatum Sunplay Clear Water SPF50 PA++++

This will be my first review of a sunscreen that contains chemical blockers as well as physical blockers. In case you missed my previous post about it, you can read the difference between between physical and chemical sunscreens in this super helpful table on Skinacea here.

I found this in a local store in Melbourne and picked it up because of it’s very cheap price and high protection rating.

~ $7AUD

Clear water

This is a Japanese brand and is labeled as water resistant. It was previously only PA+++ but has since been reformulated to be PA++++ for better protection. If you are wanting to read more about the PA rating system, then this (also on Skinacea) is very helpful.

One thing to note about Japanese sunscreens is that many of them are quite high in alcohol content. There is very mixed views on this and I will be making a blog post very soon to talk more about alcohol in skincare. The reasoning behind putting it in there is to make the finish cosmetically elegant. Many of these sunscreens don’t have the white, greasy and heavy feel that many of the sunscreens here in Australia have. This is due to the alcohol in them, as it works to enhance the penetration of the ingredients. As I said, I will be doing a proper post on this ASAP to clear some things up.

Clear water

Clear water

Compared to the other sunscreens I have reviewed, this is VERY runny. It isn’t thick at all, it was almost falling off my hand as I took the photo.

Sun clear

Clear Water

How it feels: 

It’s very light (almost like water) and rubs into the skin instantly. It leaves a nice silky-matte finish. It’s like the perfect makeup primer and I love the way it felt on my skin.

Overall Impression: 

It smells highly of alcohol. I like the texture, it’s very watery and easy to apply. The bottle it comes in is also very handy. I personally would recommend this product for those with normal to oily skin. I think that those with dry and sensitive skin may find the high alcohol content a little drying. I really like this sunscreen and I wish I didn’t have sensitive skin, because it feels like you’re not even wearing it when applied. If you don’t have sensitive skin and are looking for a maximum protection sunscreen with a great finish, then this is a great choice.


See Ratzilla 



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