Review: Daiso Foot Mask Pack

The other day I had to take a trip to Daiso to find little pump bottles for my jojoba oil and I came across this foot mask. I decided to give it a go because my feet are quite dry in the winter weather and it was super cheap! Daiso is a Japanese franchise with over 100,000 products. They have everything from kitchen, skincare/makeup, stationary etc. All of the products in Australia cost $2.80. Many of the products are imported from China, but this particular mask was made in Korea.

Price: $2.80AUD _DSC1234-as-Smart-Object-1 copy

Don’t be like me and ignore the instructions on the back. I didn’t bother to read the instructions and got pretty confused when I first opened the packet. You need to rip the two pieces in half and it will open it properly, like the back explains.


How it feels: 

I put this on at night time while relaxing. It was pretty slimy and a weird feeling because I haven’t tried a foot mask before, but it was fun regardless. I realised I had put something on the stove and had to get up with these still on, it was pretty hard to walk! The serum inside was kind of bunched up at my toes a little, so I had to move it around so it was spread everywhere. Bonus: photo of my feet with the mask on (You can see the glow of Netflix in the background).


Overall Impression: 

I originally picked this up because I thought the ingredients seemed pretty decent. Some of the beneficial ingredients are:

Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil (Safflower oil) – Helps to repair the barrier of the skin and can also give the skin a soft and smooth feel.

Urea – While it IS a component of urine, the versions in cosmetics are synthetic. It has exfoliating properties for the skin.

Allantoin – An anti-irritant and skin protectant 

I woke up the next day and it didn’t do a whole lot of difference to my skin. My toes were a lot smoother but the heel and other areas were still pretty dry. It’s been a few days since I’ve used it now so I’m guessing not much else is going to happen. I would probably give this a miss if you have super dry skin, but it’s still a fun little treat for a slumber party or a night in.


See cosdna


6 thoughts on “Review: Daiso Foot Mask Pack

  1. fowlalpha says:

    I have a few hits and misses on products that I purchased in Daiso. Well, the only good thing is the price. The guilt feeling of giving in at first glance is a little less. 🙂
    I haven’t try any of these foot masks but a number of popular Korean brands such as Etude offers some. Maybe you could give it another shot.

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