Mini Reviews: Hand Creams

We always talk about how to minimise wrinkles on our face, but our hands are often forgotten. I tend to keep a moisturiser with me in all of my bags so I can ensure they’re always soft throughout the day.

I didn’t want to make individual posts for all of these moisturisers because I figured they could all fit into one post!


Rosken Intensive Moisture Hand Cream 

Ingredients: Here

While this product does have olive oil listed as it’s second ingredients, I’m not 100% sure if I like many of the other ingredients. Olive oil is fantastic for skin and is often used as an emollient as well as providing antioxidant benefits. However, other ingredients in this cream are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, as well as 4 different fragrances. It is lightly scented, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it smells like. Sodium Laurel Sulfate is one of the most irritating cleansing ingredients used in skincare. To be honest, I’ve never seen it being used in a moisturiser before. When used in animal testing, it was shown to permanently damage eyes. This product also contains parabens. I wrote a post the other day outlining my stance on parabens, and while it isn’t a total deal breaker for me, it may be for other people. In terms of moisturising properties, it does make my hands very smooth but I do have to reapply every so often throughout the day.

Where to buy: Most pharmacists around Australia will stock it

The Face Shop Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream 

This comes in 4 different types and my one in particular is “Fruity Floral”. I usually hate buying jar/pot packaging for hand creams because they’re often unhygienic, but this was so adorable. It’s a very light moisturiser that absorbs into the skin almost instantly, and it left my hands feeling soft and smooth. I’m not a huge fan of the smell, it’s a little overwhelming and smells a little bit like my grandmas perfume. Ingredients wise, nothing really stands out that much except for Mango Seed Butter, which has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains parabens, if that worries you or not. The moisturising effect doesn’t last very long and I have to re-apply every couple of hours.

Where to buy: The Face Shop has various stores around Australia which are listed on their website.

Tony Moly Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream 

Ingredients: Here

I absolutely love the smell of this hand cream. It’s very peachy and fresh. I think it has some very beneficial ingredients such as Shea Butter (rich in antioxidants, and helps to retain moisture), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (can repair skin surface) and peach extract to give it that amazing smell. It’s very moisturising but not super thick. I have to apply this every 5 hours or so, it doesn’t last the entire day. Keep in mind though, I have very very dry hands. It’s important to note that it does contain parabens if that is something that would worry you.

Where to buy: If you’re in Melbourne, I bought this at “The Ecoskin Shop” at The Glen. Otherwise you can buy it from many places online such as YesStyle and Korea Depart.

Essano Rosehip Nourishing Hand Creme

Ingredients: Here 

I also really like the smell of this product, it feels like I’m at a day spa when I apply use it but it’s not overwhelming. It has a lot of beneficial ingredients such as jojoba oil (beneficial in repairing skin barrier and contains anti-inflammatory properties), aloe vera (hydrating and contains anti-inflammatory properties), Sunflower oil (ability to repair skins barrier) and rosehip oil. Essano prides itself on being organic and natural. I really love this hand cream. Not only does it have many fantastic ingredients, it is also organic and very moisturising. When I use apply it to my hands, it lasts quite a while before a need to reapply.

Where to buy: Available from all Pricelines in Australia


2 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Hand Creams

  1. apark018 says:

    Thanks for sharing! I love love hand lotions ^^ Love tony Moly and face shop products, everything is always so cute! My hands are always so dry…will definitely try the Essano Rosehip hand creme!

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