Review: The Face Shop Baby Leaf Green Tea Waterfull Emulsion

I had used the Innisfree Green Tea Pure Lotion as apart of my winter routine but it was becoming increasingly difficult to buy it locally. So instead, I figured I would give this a go. I walked into the store having never heard of it before and quickly looked at the ingredients on the bottle. All seemed well and I bought it, without knowing it was targeted more towards combination/oily skin. This was a slight mishap because I have quite dry skin, but I figured it would still be worth a try.

Price: $19AUD


For those that are unfamiliar about Korean Skincare routines, an emulsion is like a light moisturiser. It comes before a regular cream that we are used to seeing in the western market.

Face Shop Green Tea Emulsion

I took these photos at sunset because it’s the first time in months I’ve been home before sunset! Hooray for winter ending soon.

Face Shop Green Tea Emulsion

How it feels: 

I like the smell of this, it’s fresh without being overwhelming. It’s very light and sinks into the skin almost instantly. It leaves a matte finish and doesn’t stay on top of the skin like some lotions/emulsions do. However, it was slightly hard to get out of the bottle.

Overall Impression: 

I was pretty disappointed to see green tea extract so far down on the ingredient list, but it’s very refreshing and has a number of other beneficial ingredients.

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride: This can repair the skin barrier and add moisture the skin. It’s derived from coconut oil and gycerin.

Cetyl Ethylhexanoate: This helps to remove dry patches from the skin as well as giving the skin a smooth appearance.

Pantheol: Often labeled as pro-vitamin B5, this helps to retain moisture. According to Paula’s Choice, it also helps to maintain the “proliferation of fibroblasts, cells that create collagen”.

Green Tea Extract: As written in my previous posts, this has active ingredients that are proven to posses anti-ageing, antioxidants, anti-immflamatory and anti-carcinogenic properties.

I definitely like this product after 2 weeks of use and will continue to use it in my routine.  I can’t speak for those with combination/oily skin, but it still is a great step on my dry skin underneath my moisturiser. I would like if it had more antioxidants and anti-ageing ingredients, but I still think this is a great product so I will continue to use it.


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7 thoughts on “Review: The Face Shop Baby Leaf Green Tea Waterfull Emulsion

  1. fowlalpha says:

    Thanks for including the beneficial ingridients and their use. I’m really alienated at some terms and admittingly slacking on it sometimes whenever I buy a product.


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