Review: Etude House Tear Eye Liner (#01 Crystal Clear)

I think this is my first Etude House product I am reviewing on my blog. So, here is a little background.

Etude House are a Korean based skincare/cosmetics brand. According to their website, “Etude” means ‘beautiful study of Chopin’ in French. Their philosophy is to enjoy makeup and have fun rather than thinking of it as a routine. You will find lots of playful designs and colours amongst their range.


It costs between $7 – $12AUD depending on where you buy it from.


This eyeliner is supposed to brighten your eyes with a sparkling finish. Ideally you are supposed to get the ‘doll-like’ and ‘innocent look’ upon application. But really, I just couldn’t pass up a little sparkle! I have the Crystal Clear colour, but there are several other colours to choose from.


This is supposed to be clear with a little bit of sparkle in it. It reminds me of when I was younger and used to stick glitter to my face.

NOTE: Some bottles say “Tear Eye Liner” and others say “Tear Drop Liner”. Neither are fake, both are sold directly by Etude house. For example, on the website they sell Tear Drop Liner, but customers have stated that they bought Tear Eye Liner in Etude stores in Seoul.


Overall Impression: 

This isn’t super noticeable when I put it on except it does have a sparkle when the light catches it. I need to be careful not to rub my eyes because it ends up down my cheek otherwise. My only problem is that by the end of the day it’s not very noticeable at all, it has mostly disappeared after 5 hours or so. Aside from that, I do really like this for a subtle way to feel brighter during the day.


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