My Beauty Diary sheet mask haul

Sheet masks are one of my favourite go-to products because they often give instant results. When my skin is feeling dull and dry I always pop on a mask for 20 minutes and it instantly brightens me up.

My Beauty Diary is quite a popular brand as they’re known to have consistently well formulated masks. Unfortunately popularity has its downsides as it’s not unusual to come across counterfeit items, so be sure you are buying from an authorised seller.


I bought these from an authorised Australian seller, Beauty Life Australia. They currently have a sale on which is $10 for a box of 10, compared to the squall $15 a box. As you can probably see, I also took advantage of the free shipping upon purchasing $50 worth of product.


Below are the 5 masks I bought along with a few of their beneficial ingredients (but there are plenty more!).

  1. Imperial Bird’s Nest
    Recommended for dry and rough skin. Contains ingredients such as collagen, baobab extract (high in vitamin c) and oat extract.
  2. Natto Mask
    Recommended for very dry skin (which I am unfortunately cursed with). It has lovely ingredients such as aloe extract, watercress, sambucus nigra and glycerin. Plenty of anti-inflammatory ingredients which sound perfect for dry and irritated skin.
  3. Rice Mask
    Recommended for dry and sensitive skin. Has ingredients such as rice extract, aloe and mulberry fruit extract.
  4. Royal Jelly Mask
    Recommended for skin lacking ‘radiance’. It contains royal jelly (a honey bee secretion – and acts as a water binding ingredient), as well as aloe and watercress.
  5. Vanilla Moisturizing Aroma Mask
    Recommended for extremely dry skin. Really lovely moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid and aloe.

I’ve patch tested one and I can’t wait to share results! Let me know of your favourite masks below 🙂


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