Removing broken capillaries (spider veins): My experience with IPL

When I was younger I couldn’t resist the urge to pick or pop those pesky little pimples on the side of my nose. Unfortunately, this cause broken capillaries that followed me into my adult life. While they weren’t super noticeable to other people, the side of my nose was noticeably red in photos when I wasn’t wearing concealer. I decided to bite the bullet and face IPL even though I had heard it would hurt.


Before and 3 days after

I have to apologise the the small image. I completely forgot to take a proper ‘before’ photo and had to find one on my phone. As you can see, there are two red lines on the side of my nose. The photo on the right was taken only a few days after so it’s still a little red, but the lines are gone.

What is IPL? 

Intense Pulsed Light (or IPL) uses a broad spectrum light source to treat various skin issues. I’m not quite sure how it worked in my case, but my dermatologist said something along the lines of sending light pulses into the veins to stop blood flow. I plan on doing more research on it and writing a follow up blog post soon, explaining the exact procedure. This is just to talk about my experience.

The Procedure

I was given protective glasses to wear and was told it would only be a mild discomfort. There were warnings of potential side effects (hyperpigmentation/blistering etc), but was assured that they personally hadn’t had any complications before.

I’m not going to lie and say it didn’t hurt, because it did. But the pain wasn’t unbearable and it only went for around 2 minutes. There were zaps of lights and a warm feeling on my nose, almost as if somebody was flicking me with a burning rubber band.

However, the pain didn’t continue after the treatment and I was in and out of the dermatologist within half an hour. I was told to wait a month in case the veins resurface, but they have responded well to the treatment so far.

Would I recommend it? 

Absolutely. You obviously need to speak to a professional before trying anything, but I think that this has improved my confidence dramatically.


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