Review: Moogoo Full Cream moisturiser

It’s officially spring in Australia! However, unfortunately it’s no warmer as of yet and my skin is still suffering from the dry winter. I decided to try this cream because my skin was starting to get flaky from my other one, indicating that it wasn’t moisturising enough.


This particular moisturiser is aimed for irritated and sensitive skin and only uses ‘natural’ ingredients. As you know, I don’t really mind whether ingredients are natural or synthetic as long as they are safe and work well for my skin. Some people do prefer using all natural ingredients though so this would be an added bonus for them.



$18.50 for 270g


It’s quite thick when first applied and a little hard to rub in. But it’s not greasy at all and sinks in after around 20 seconds, leaving a beautiful silky finish.


See cosdna

Ingredients I like:

I’ve actually used quite a few MooGoo products and I have to commend them on always using fantastic ingredients. Some note-worthy ones in this moisturiser (in order of concentration):

Sweet Almond Oil: Often used as an emollient in moisturising products. According to Paula’s Choice, it is rich in skin repairing properties. However, should be avoided if you have nut allergies.

Olive oil: A great ingredient that has many benefits such as anti-carconogenic properties (study here, thanks to FutureDerm). This study also talks about it’s anti-oxidant properties.

Honey:  Can be very beneficial in moisturising your skin as well as having anti-bacterial properties as seen hereherehere and here (thanks to /r/skincareaddiction on Reddit).

Overall Impression: 

I really like this moisturiser and have replaced it as my day moisturiser. While it may be a little thick for somebody with oily-normal skin for every day use, I think it’s perfect for dry skin or night use. It smells like vanilla and has left my skin feeling incredibly silky and soft.


Absolutely. It’s affordable and it works, there is nothing I can complain about.


2 thoughts on “Review: Moogoo Full Cream moisturiser

    • oliveaolive says:

      I use it as a face moisturiser because my skin is like the sahara in winter! I know what you mean! This is the largest moisturiser I have ever bought, I usually take a while to go through 50ml so this will be interesting.


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