Review: Sunsense Sensitive Sunscreen SPF50+

Sunsense it quite a well known Australian brand that aren’t seen in almost all pharmacies and supermarkets. It’s not unusual for households to have at least one of their products lying around. They have some really fantastic products and I usually wear one of their sunscreens on my body if I go swimming in summer.

When I came across this I was super excited. It’s quite difficult to find physical sunscreens without having to go to specialty stores around this area. However, this sunscreen only has zinc as a UV blocker, which sounds amazing.




Rubbed in moderately


Bonus photo of me after I tried to rub it in when I applied it on the weekend (I’m notorious for applying a lot of sunscreen)



$12.99AUD for 200g


This sunscreen is very thick and almost impossible to rub in. When I first applied it, I wondered how nobody thought “Will people actually like this?”. Honestly, it’s one of the thickest sunscreens I have ever used. I understand that zinc makes things have a white cast, but this was nothing like I have seen before.

Ingredients I like: 

It’s not all bad, there are actually some really great ingredients!

Zinc oxide: One of the few UV blockers without the risk of irritation. It’s great for sensitive skin and can even be an anti-irritant.

Nicotinamide: Really great for anti-aging benefits and well has helping to improve skin elasticity. Other benefits include enhancing barrier function and help to fade discolourations.

It’s also free from fragrance which is beneficial for those with sensitive skin!

Overall Impression: 

I think it’s difficult to weigh up the cost/benefit. On one hand, this product is affordable, waterproof and great for sensitive skin. But on the other, it’s almost impossible to rub in and has a pretty terrible texture. I think this may be beneficial for a day at the beach or something where you plan on doing a lot of exercise. Otherwise it’s just far too thick.


As great as it is to find an affordable physical sunscreen for sensitive skin, I don’t think I can handle the white cast. It’s so thick and impossible to not look like a ghost with it on.


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