I think I have a sunscreen addiction.

I am going away this weekend to the holiday house my family owns on the beach. Of course, sunscreen is the most important thing for Australian summer.


Maybe I can offer sunscreen to tanners on the beach! haha.

What is your go-to sunscreen this summer? (or last summer, if you’re not in Australia).


8 thoughts on “I think I have a sunscreen addiction.

  1. beautymarq says:

    My favorite sunscreen is the “ultra calming super sensitive shield” from dermalogica. It’s great for my sensitive and oily skin. I work in the sun, so I need a good sunscreen that I can wear every day without it irritating my skin!

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    • oliveaolive says:

      I have dry skin so I can’t speak from experience, but if you’re in Australia then Mecca To Save Face has been my go-to this summer! If you go into the store you can try it on your face to see the finish too. Otherwise, for oily skin I have read that Biore perfect face milk (a Japanese sunscreen, can be bought online) and Biore Watery essence. Like I said, I can’t speak from experience though. My partner uses the watery essence and loves it!

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