I’m a 21 year old living in Australia obsessed with skincare and sunscreen. This is a blog to review sunscreens and other skincare products from various parts of the world. Most of my products are from Korea, Japan, France and Australia. I am not in any way qualified as a dermatologist or esthetician. This is a personal blog to draw on my own experiences. However, I do like to research and write science based skincare information. If you feel any of this is incorrect please send me an email and I will definitely look into it!

Here in Australia it’s very important to be protected from the sun. There is estimated to be 128,000 new cases of skin cancer every year. All of my products are researched with their sources throughout my reviews, but please contact me if you think any information is incorrect.


Skin type: Dry, sensitive, acne-prone
Skin colour: MAC NW15-20

NOTE: I am not sponsored or paid by any company, these are just my own personal experiences with products I pay for.


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